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Where the Essence of Real Crete Unfolds

Nested within the quaint old village of Koutouloufari, our Village Holiday Club inspires travelers to immerse themselves in authentic Cretan life. Amidst serene landscapes and secluded tranquility, families are welcome to savor the subtle charm and genuine privacy that awaits within.

Set against the backdrop of mountains and sea, the hotel is thoughtfully crafted to guide guests through a relaxed summer retreat. Step into our realm to relish in leisure, while also embracing opportunities for exploration. Families here will find a home away from home here, where cherished memories are effortlessly made.

Κoutouloufari is a lively village adorned with colorful houses, blooming gardens, charming streets and cute souvenir shops, inviting you to experience the heart of Crete. As you meander through its narrow pathways, the aroma of Cretan cuisine fills the air, and locals may generously offer you a taste of raki, showcasing their warm hospitality.

Nestled on the lower slopes of Mount Pyrgias, just 1km from Hersonissos, our village offers easy access to a plethora of attractions. Whether it's embracing the island's vibrant experiences, delving into its natural wonders, immersing in its rich culture, or connecting with its people, your vacation here promises to redefine your notion of leisure.

Amidst this tapestry of experiences, families find a welcoming haven. From adventurous escapades to historical explorations and cultural immersions, there's something for everyone. At the end of each exhilarating day, our village provides a tranquil retreat, where cherished family moments are woven into the fabric of your stay.

Inspired by the island's timeless architecture, the property was built to resemble a traditional Cretan village. Small individual houses clustered in groups and a beautiful stone-built traditional house that has been carefully restored, evoke the ambiance of a cozy neighborhood, surrounded by olive trees and endemic flora. Our hotel is a unique destination for those lured by the charm that centuries of history convey to a space and appreciate the elegance of slow living.
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